Director of Photography

Kassim Olivier AHMED is a talented Director of Photography (DOP) with over ten years experience in photography and film production. In 1998, Kassim graduated from the National Institute of Cinematography (INRACI) in Brussels, and has been working in the film industry since then.
Kassim built up his expertise over the past fifteen years, starting as a camera assistant to progressively grow into his present role as DOP. In this period he worked on many projects including commercials, video clips, films and short films.
As a Photographer and Cinematographer, Kassim is best described as a man of visual emotion. Where others use words to express themselves, he uses frame and light compositions with undeniable talent. Kassim may come across as soft-spoken in daily life, but when in his role on a set, his undisputed expertise easily earns him respect and appreciation from his teams.
Kassim is always attentive to others’ point of view and objectives. He approaches every new mission with an open mind and listens to his partner’s vision to enrich his own. He carefully crafts his work in the best interest of every project he is assigned to. Kassim has great creativity, but he always subordinates it to the film’s scenario and constantly renews his visual language.
Kassim is a French national but he was born and raised in Brussels. French is his mother tongue and he has working knowledge of Dutch and English.